Keynote speakers

Sylviane Granger (Université catholique de Louvain)

Sylviane Granger is professor of English Language and Linguistics at the University of Louvain (Belgium). She is Director of the Centre for English Corpus Linguistics where research activity is focused on the compilation and exploitation of learner corpora and multilingual corpora. Her current research interests focus on the integration of corpus data into a range of user-oriented tools (electronic dictionaries, writing aids, spell checkers and essay scoring tools). Her publications include International Corpus of Learner English (Granger et al. 2009) and eLexicography in the 21st century: New challenges, new applications (Granger & Paquot eds. 2010).

Scott Jarvis (Ohio University)

Scott Jarvis holds the rank of Professor in the Department of Linguistics at Ohio University. His research has focused on a range of issues related to crosslinguistic influence and lexical diversity. In the domain of crosslinguistic influence, his contributions include a methodological framework for identifying and confirming the occurrence of transfer in cases where crosslinguistic influence is difficult to detect or is confounded by competing variables. One of his current research projects is a longitudinal investigation of the complementary and combined effects of crosslinguistic similarity and cognitive capacities on learners’ ability to process and retain L2 input. In the domain of lexical diversity, his work focuses on the development of an adequate, multidimensional construct definition of this phenomenon and an accompanying set of measures that properly account for how lexical diversity is perceived and how it contributes to the quality of both spoken and written language.

John Osborne (Université de Savoie)

John Osborne is professor of English language at the University of Savoie (France) where he coordinates a research group within the Laboratoire Langages, Littératures, Sociétés, working on the creation and exploitation of corpora of written learner English, spoken English, French and Italian and, most recently, a longitudinal data-base of spoken learner English. His present research interests focus on qualitative aspects of foreign language production: accuracy,  fluency and propositional precision. He has recently been active in two European projects for the evaluation of oral language proficiency (WebCEF) and intercultural communicative competence (CEFcult).

Bård Uri Jensen (Hedmark University College)Bård Uri Jensen

Bård Uri Jensen is lecturer of Norwegian language in the Faculty of Education and Natural Sciences at Hedmark University College in Norway. He is in the process of completing a Ph.D. thesis on lexico-syntactic features of pupils’ writing by hand and by keyboard, in which he uses statistical methods on features such as lexical diversity, parts of speech distributions and syntactic complexity. He teaches subjects related to Norwegian language and second language didactics mainly in teacher education.